Lawn Care Program

What you need to know

Our lawn care program will consist of nine liquid and/or granular applications. This service is for Fescue based lawns only.

Throughout the season, these applications will include;

  • Fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent applications (prevents new weeds from growing)
  • Broad-leaf weed control
  • Insect control*
  • Grub control
  • Crabgrass control
  • Micro-nutrients
  • Iron
  • PH Maintenance 

The following is not included in the nine applications:
*Mosquito control is a separate service.
*Fungus applications are upon request and will be additional.

When the service is completed, we will leave a sign that has the date, time and the tech who performed the service.

The pricing for this service is based on lawn size. Please call or email for pricing.

Act Fast!
Our first applications will be finished in the month of March, don’t miss out!



The advantage of liquid applications over granular only applications, is that we can place multiple products on the lawn at the same time. This saves time and money, and in most cases, we don’t have to wait for rain/watering for the products to start working.

For example.

Our first application includes;

  • post-emergent (kills existing weeds)
  • pre-emergent (prevents weed seeds from developing) and fertilizer. (feeds lawn)

You are receiving multiple products for one low investment!

What should I expect?

If this is your first season on our program please read this carefully.

It usually takes a full year to see significant progress. Yes, You will see weeds dying throughout the season, but your lawn will become more bare in this process.

Our program is a very aggressive weed control program.

If your lawn has not been on a weed control program in the recent past and does not currently have a lot of fescue, It will look worse as the season progresses.

By August and September, it may look very bare and brown, usually the fescue is dormant in the hottest months, but it is not dead.

There will be bare spots where the weeds once were.

This is a point where a lot of our clients are like holy smokes, we are not making any progress, why should we spend so much to aerate and over-seed this? This is the worst time to cancel our program, The aeration and seeding is where we repair the lawn and actually plant your fescue. It is the turning point for your lawn!

Please visit our Aeration Page for more information on this and fescue

Weed control information

We have excellent control over broad-leaf weeds, including clover, bittercress & henbit. We also have good control over crabgrass. We have two pre-emergent applications to help prevent it from coming and a post-emergent applications to hit it after it has arrived.

This is not a quick fix for any lawn, this is an ongoing maintenance program. Like mowing, if you stop cutting the grass, it will become overgrown, if the weed control stops, the weeds will start to reappear.

In the spring there are mostly broadleaf weeds that are easily controlled. As summer starts to come, you may see new weeds that have just germinated, the applications are designed to treat those weeds as the come up. Other than our pre-emergent, we cannot treat weeds that have not popped up yet. However, our current or future applications will take care of them as they come.

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