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At Local Landscapers we help Lake Anna area clients enjoy their time while at the lake. We offer landscaping maintenance services to give you back your time on the weekends from landscaping related chores such as mowing & monthly spraying.

Hi, my name is Chaz Smith, I graduated Louisa County High School in 2008. Consumed with curiosity about how something as small as an acorn could grow into a colossal oak tree, I attended a local community college and earned my Associates Degree in Horticulture. Nearing the completion of the horticulture degree I signed up for some business classes. This opened an entirely new avenue of interest, and that’s when it hit me, I wanted to start a landscaping business.

In 2012 I purchase my first older model work truck for $1,400 and used a student loan to purchase my first mower and trailer. Today, we are a debt free company, have a dedicated shop, office manager, and multiple crews that specialize in many types of services around the Lake Anna area.

We also offer shoreline, grading, and hardscaping services such as patio installation, walkways, firepits, retaining walls, and low voltage lighting. This helps our clients enjoy their back yard, providing safe access to other areas in yard and offering areas of entertainment outside the home.

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